Our Mission

To provide high quality unique designs while keeping comfort and practicality in mind.

What makes Iloni Different?

Iloni aims to connect with the jewellery wearers from all walks of life, from the trend followers to the loyal I-never-take-this-off-ers. We pride ourselves on our individuality and refuse to follow trends. We create pieces that are unique and suprising, minimal yet bold and will stay in families for generations. Iloni Jewellery encourages you to be more playful and dare to express your true self, with no pressure or pretence.

Our jewellery is made from interesting materials that is not commonly seen in the designer jewellery industry. Our designs place importance on the manipulation of rugged materials like rubber and brass into organic shapes and forms. The original Iloni style is easily recognisable in its round shapes, soft edges and natural elements paired with thick rubber cords and silicone tubing.

Our Humble Beginnings...

When Madri van Zyl launched her business as a young Stellenbosch University graduate in 2015, she had no other option but to call it iloni meaning “Joy” in Finnish.
Her unconventional approach to design allows for experimentation with new materials, techniques and process. This is where she finds her joy and boundless freedom.
The same feeling that she hopes her jewellery will give it's wearer - joyfulness and freedom of expression.

Iloni is a contemporary designer brand of jewellery & accessories. It appeals to women of all walks of life who are passionate about simple, elegant and distinctive pieces that are comfortable and practical to wear.

 In 2020 after months of searching, we found the ideal setting in the bustling Waterfront and opened our first flagship store in at the V&A Waterfront.

Fast forward through the devestating Corona V pandemic and Iloni was able to welcome their first employee in 2022 and hired two more within 6 months!


May you find your joy Jewellery at Iloni

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