Heirloom jewellery & recycling your gold

Let’s give your old treasures a new chance.

We all have old classics and jewellery pieces that we’ve either inherited or bought a long time ago that are tucked at the back of our drawers and never get used. I have good news, breathing new life and creating new designer pieces from heirloom stones brings me a lot of joy!

A core value at iLoni is “reduce, reuse, recycle”. The fantastic thing about gold, silver and platinum jewellery containing precious and semi-precious gemstones is that it can be re-designed without breaking the bank on materials.

Diamonds (old or new) really are Forever!

You are welcome to hand in your old gold to be used as gold credit.

Bring your unwanted gold jewellery or heirloom pieces to be used as gold credit and create a new, stunning  piece.

All your gold pieces will be weighed accordingly and a report will be produced summarizing total metal weight as well as the Ct, the details on the stones and will include the estimated gold credit amount. Once you are happy to hand over the pieces, a credit amount that we can subtract from your total will be calculated.

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