Knotted Bangle

Discover Everyday Elegance with Our Knotted Bangle! Crafted with precision from rubber and silicone cord and golden Brass accents, this bangle seamlessly blends simplicity...
R 490.00

Original Neckpiece

Step into Timeless Elegance with Our Classic Neckpiece! This oval-shaped beauty is the cornerstone of the iLoni collection, offering enduring charm and versatile style...
R 880.00

Original Bangle

Introducing the Original Bangle – a bold expression of everyday style and versatility. Crafted with a captivating blend of half metal and half rubber,...
R 630.00
2 reviews

Pieces Bangle

Elevate your style effortlessly with our sleek and minimalist Pieces Bangle – the perfect accessory for any outfit. Designed for quick and easy wear,...
R 490.00
Best Selling
Grow Neckpiece Grow Neckpiece Quick View

Grow Neckpiece

Introducing the Grow Neckpiece: A Modern Minimalist Marvel! Crafted with precision, this neckpiece effortlessly creates a modern, minimalist, and slightly 'industrial' look, adding a...
R 990.00 R 690.00
Flow Neckiece Quick View

Flow Neckiece

Experience timeless elegance with our Flow Neckpiece, a masterpiece seamlessly blending modern aesthetics with sleek sophistication. Its curvy design symbolizes infinite style possibilities and...
R 870.00 R 520.00
Connect Neckpiece Quick View

Connect Neckpiece

Discover modern elegance with our Connect Neckpiece. This contemporary necklace effortlessly combines intricate design with understated simplicity, making it the perfect statement piece just...
R 1,320.00 R 660.00
Small Ripple Neckpiece Small Ripple Neckpiece Quick View

Small Ripple Neckpiece

Make a statement with our Ripple Neckpiece, designed to create a focal point on the upper chest with modern flair. Featuring a double string...
R 1,320.00 R 660.00
Shumi Neckpiece Shumi Neckpiece Quick View

Shumi Neckpiece

Experience effortless style and unparalleled versatility with our Shumi Neckpiece – a true fashion chameleon that effortlessly adapts to your unique style. Crafted to...
R 990.00 R 495.00
Touch Neckpiece Touch Neckpiece Quick View

Touch Neckpiece

Infuse your style with a touch of boldness using our statement necklace. This striking piece features three brass beads that add a tribal-inspired accent...
R 1,320.00 R 660.00

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About Quality Craftsmanship

iloni is handmade everyday designer jewellery with a contemporary twist. iloni signature style jewellery is bold, minimal, timeless and elegant with an element of surprise. iloni jewellery is characterised by classic simplicity, understated detail and precise finishes. iloni's distinctive pieces are comfortable and practical to wear.
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