Take Care

Take care:

Bangles & Neckpieces


Brass components in our bangles and neckpieces have been sealed with a anti-tarnishing sealant meaning a longer lifespan before oxidising!

Do not use Brasso as it will remove the sealant.

Should your beloved jewellery piece tarnish within a year, we will polish and seal it free of charge!! (shipping not included)


To clean your rubber/ silicone pieces, use a droplet of soap on a wet cloth and wipe the pieces down. 

The transparent silicone components can turn yellowish over time, therefore we recommend keeping your white pieces out of harsh,direct sunlight in order to slow the process. 



Please note that gold and black plating on the rings can wear off over time. Always protect your jewellery from scratches and chemicals (such as hand sanitizers, chlorine, alcohol based products etc.) . Weare more than willing to re-plate your plated Iloni jewellery piece free of charge! (shipping fees not covered).

Please note: Silver naturally oxidises and may become a bit tarnished over time. You can use the polishing cloth supplied to make your pieces shiny again. Please feel free to reach out to us should you require a new polishing cloth!


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