Hanging Earring

This minimal hanging earring is perfect for adding some African style to your everyday wear. This earring is made from 18ct Gold-plated brass or Sterling...
from R 690.00

Classic Pearl Earring

The Classic Pearl earring will never go out of style!  The silver variant is made from Sterling silver and the golden variant is  is...
from R 830.00

Stud Earring

This minimal Stud earring is perfect for everyday wear. This earring is made from 18ct Gold-plated brass or Sterling Silver and both variants have Silver pins ensuring no...
from R 640.00

Pearl Earring

The perfect everyday-earring, day or night and matches with our Pearl Ring. This modern Pearl earring is made from silver. The organic, circular shapes (25mm...
R 1,280.00

Eight Earring

Two round shapes are joint to create  a striking minimal earring.  Available in Sterling Silver and 18ct Gold plated Brass. Choose from black, rusty...
from R 720.00

Slide earring with Pearl

Similar to the Slide earring but with a dash of pearls! This Slide Earring is made from a curved, Gold plated, Brass or Silver...
from R 820.00

Modern Pearl earring

Classic meets modern, this minimalist stud earring is made from  a ¾ circular shape with a 10mm cultured pearl joined at the bottom Real...
from R 830.00

Long Pebble Earring

Imitating a hanging string of pearls, the pebble earing will dangle with grace The Long Pebble earring pairs perfectly with the Pebble ring! Made...
from R 930.00

Drop Earring

These beloved earrings adds an exclamation to any outfit. The minimal design makes them sticking, perfect for everyday wear or a night out.  Made in...
R 720.00

Pearly String Earrings

Pearls are a girl's best friend! This delicate stud earring is made from a curved, 6cm Sterling Silver or Brass rod joined to a 2cm...
from R 1,100.00

Droplet Earring

The hand carved Droplet earring is organic and artsy, yet simple and classic.  This earring pairs perfectly with the Droplet ring ring. Made in...
from R 690.00

Slide Earring

This earring is elegantly bold and will catch all eyes. The Slide Earring is made from a Gold plated, Brass or Silver rod (5cm)...
from R 750.00

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iloni is handmade everyday designer jewellery with a contemporary twist. iloni signature style jewellery is bold, minimal, timeless and elegant with an element of surprise. iloni jewellery is characterised by classic simplicity, understated detail and precise finishes. iloni's distinctive pieces are comfortable and practical to wear.
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