Original Neckpiece

Make a unique statement with our classic neckpiece. Choose the length that best suits you of this minimal, oval-shaped neckpiece which is the original...
from R 700.00
Curve Neckpiece Curve Neckpiece Quick View

Curve Neckpiece

Make a statement with the striking accent of the hexagonal shaped rounded brass ‘pendant’. This “infinity shape” neckpiece is modern and sleek. - Unique...
R 850.00

Grow Neckpiece

This Neckpiece creates a modern, minimalist and 'industrial' look and adds interest to any outfit. Size and fit: This long necklace has an inner diameter...
R 900.00

Small Ripple Neckpiece

Make a statement and create a focal point on the upper chest with this modern neckpiece. It contains a double string of rubbery cord...
R 1,200.00

Connect Neckpiece

Add a focal point just below the collar bone with the interesting and uniquely designed pendant of the Small Connect Necklace. This modern neckpiece...
R 1,200.00

Flow Neckiece

Enjoy the “infinity shape” of our Flow neckpiece that is both modern and sleek. The rounded brass pendant acts as a striking accent with...
R 770.00

Split Neckpiece

The perfect accessory to add personality to any look! Our Split neckpiece contains a modern ‘’U’ shape sliced tube, a design that can be...
R 1,300.00

Touch Around neckpiece

A bold piece for a strong woman, this statement necklace contains a sliced ‘U’ shape tubing with five brass rounded shapes joined around the...
R 1,400.00

Touch Neckpiece

Give your look a new flair with a statement necklace. This piece has a tribal look with three brass pendants that act as the...
R 1,200.00
Ripple Neckpiece Ripple Neckpiece Quick View

Ripple Neckpiece

This bold statement neckpiece contains a double string of rubbery cord with a tribble cord pendant in the centre, acting as the focal point...
R 1,400.00

Double Original Neckpiece

A bold neckpiece is a stylish addition to day-to-night looks. Choose a length that best suits you and make a statement with this unique...
R 1,300.00

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iloni is handmade everyday designer jewellery with a contemporary twist. iloni signature style jewellery is bold, minimal, timeless and elegant with an element of surprise. iloni jewellery is characterised by classic simplicity, understated detail and precise finishes. iloni's distinctive pieces are comfortable and practical to wear.
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