African Bead Collection

Introducing our New African Bead Collection! We want to celebrate and pay tribute to the rich and unique cultural history of our beloved African continent. We have taken a joyful and experimental approach to showcase the traditional African bead craft in a contemporary way.

For years, beads have been used by African tribes to express personal style or cultural identity in traditional ceremonies and rituals. Our exclusive jewellery brand, iLoni, is all about characterised by sculpted simplicity and precise finishes, always timeless, elegant, yet bold and playful.

With this new collection, we have explored new ways of combining different components together to create a fresh and exciting new look. We play with the relationship between round gemstone beads and round metal rings and tubes to create beaded jewellery that showcases earthy colours and shapes that are all derived from nature.

Each piece in the African Bead Collection is handmade in our Cape Town studio and crafted with love by award-winning designer Madri Hopkins. We have also added new neckpiece lengths, pendants, and charms to cater to different preferences, celebrating individuality and ensuring complete personalisation.

Shop our African Bead Collection today and experience the beauty and joy of African culture in a unique and modern way.

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